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Become a Star-Magmafilm Casting

Dear actors

MAGMAFILM GmbH is a global German company. With its partners Magmafilm produces high-end porn movies and high-quality amateur scenes of almost every pornographic genres.

Would you like to apply for the Label MAGMAFILM as an actress or an actor? Learn more about by taking the following steps:

- Open the link below MAGMACASTING.TV
- A new tab appears where all important informations are mentioned under the menu item "Casting". Before sending your application we recommend that you read the following text carefully.
- Click on APPLY NOW.
- Fill in the questionnaire as completely as possible. The more information you fill in, the better are your chances of being selected.
- Pay attention to enter a valid email address. In most cases the first contact will be via email.
- We emphasize that all information and data are under strictest secrecy and exclusively used for internal purposes.

The Magmafilm crew wishes you a lot of success!


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