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White Dreams - Beautiful Desires



Featuring: Mia Magma
After a creative break, director Jil Brent released another erotic film of class. For the first time she worked with "Mia Magma", the new exclusive star of Magmafilm. And in Prague, she directed with the naturalist Lena Cova and the performer George Uhl. "Waiting For My Man" Mia Magma has been looking forward to this evening with Chris. He had been on a business trip for a few long days. And now: an important date will keep him their for hours more. He just had to confess to her on the phone. Her desire for him is insatiable. "Friends With Benefits" She is a student in Prague. Whatever the reasons, she still does not have a real friend under her girlfriends. Perhaps this is also the reason why the search for a male companion can wait. "Rope Of Sand" Once again, it was an exhausting day for him. If he could at least be on the well-deserved evening of the party. To his home, and most importantly, to someone waiting for him. But when he comes home late at night, there is no one to look forward to seeing him. He falls asleep of exhaustion and despair, and has a pleasant dream.