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Pure Lust



Featuring: Mia Magma
Conny does not last long at his jobs. He checks in to a temporary work company - and the lucky bastard gets orders which makes everyone envy him! Whether as an model, as a help in a sex shop, as a detective or as a sex consultant. Conny always fulfills his tasks to the fullest satisfaction of his customers and his employment agent. But he also gets paid! For everywhere he encounters wet women, who fall upon his stiff-blows like drunks on a bottle! But somehow everything seems too good to be true. Is this all just a dream?
Moli Trifft Vol. 2



This time, star director MOLI meets four very horny porn chicks as well a very special girl: The always as sweet as nasty MIA MAGMA, the new Magmafilm exclusive star! In a relaxed atmosphere, natural beauty they talk about their lives, their interests and their sexual preferences. This is the opportunity for us to be able to experience the dirty side! How do the girls feel when they are doing porn, do they have real feelings between the actors? Here we learn what is really going on in their heads! This is horny reality porn flavored with intimate interviews ...
Das Sennenlutschi



Will and Chris, two lonely and hard-working sons, do not want anything more than to finally have sex with a woman. But where they live, high up in the Alps, a girl rarely can be seen. Shortly they decide to make a girlfriend, a sex doll made out of straw. The guys are all over the dol when she suddenly turns into a horny blonde of real flesh and blood. After an initial surprise, the two sexually frustrated men tear her apart! After they have used the girl, it turns back into the doll. Will and Chris lock her in the closet to keep her safely there. On the following evening, the men do not believe their eyes when two horny women suddenly come out of the closet ... "The Sennenlutschi" - an Alpensaga interpreted humorously and sexual!
Inside Annina



Featuring: Annina
Name: Annina, Nationality: German, Data: 105-65-90, Chest: 75G. This is the summary of the description of a remarkable and very erotic woman. She is called Annina and since she is active in the porn industry, they talk about her. That big boobs are her fetish, she certainly does not need to tell any more. At the age of 18, she had her boobs increased from 75C to 75DD and finally to 75G! Already during her training as a real estate agent there were the first erotic photoshootings. Her slight inclination to exhibitionism and of course her sexual inclination have ultimately contributed to the fact that she has dared to step into the erotic industry and has made her first porn film. Just the fact that she has her real estate job on the side is, surely says a lot about whether she liked it.
Dark Dreams



Welcome to the world of dark dreams, in a world of sexless abysses. In search of themselves, these couples discover hidden desires. Both in dreams and in reality they live out their bizarre desires...
Olli's Resteficken



This is not what that imagined. When asked whether they are fan of Fellatio or anything else, they have prematurely answered with "yes". Now they get a big one in their face: The one above and the other below are pure rock. Some have only one guy to deal with, while others have to deal with several stallions ...